Thursday, 10 May 2012

How true are our beliefs?

I was attending a marriage back at my home town in Kerala a few days ago. At the venue I saw a very peculiar type of a flower. It was pink and it had a shape like an animal in the centre. Usually I don’t pluck flowers but that day I plucked a flower from that tree. The minute I plucked the flower somebody from my family ran up to me and told me “throw it away. Why do you want ill luck to come home through the curse of a snake?!!!” Apparently this particular flower is associated with the snakes and the flower attracts snakes to it and in the process all ill luck comes to the family. I am not joking I almost froze. I thought it’s all gone and now it’s going to be bad and worse was to come.

Frantic me, I went and left the flower near the tree I plucked it from and came back to my aunt who was telling me how bad it is and the amount of ill luck I carry because of this. I asked her what I could do and I was advised to go to a very famous temple here in Kannur, my home town called Peralasserri temple where predominantly snakes are worshiped.

I came home took my mother and proceeded to the temple. I was praying all way for forgiveness. I did not want any more bad to come our way because of this. I completed my prayers at the temple and my mom said let’s find out from the priest what to do so that we are out of the ill luck. We found one of the priests who looked knowledgeable and narrated it all. This was what the priest asked me “My dear son God is no one’s enemy then why do you fear of him for trivial things like this. Now if you still feel uneasy just put a small prayer and leave.”

I would only like to bring to our notice how much we stress ourselves with religion, a concept which was originally made to de-stress the human race. Why do we like taking small things to heart thereby putting us through more agony? Why is it that we associate all bad with such small mistakes we do in life?

God was probably created as a mechanism to unite people and make them oriented towards purpose and direction. The same Gods who were conceptualized to protect us now punish us and we are so scared of them. I believe that any thing we fear cannot be loved to the fullest. So do you think I really love God if I were to fear him?