Sunday, 26 January 2014

Life as a Kite .... Flying all alone .....

A lonely kite through life.. flew from place to place. Saw many kites flying higher than me and they looked awesome. It never took too much of my attention… but as I came closer one kite caught my attention…. It was not colorful it was not anything but that kite at the very first moment took my mind off. I got entangled and we flew together miles. The time the space and the love we shared had no barriers, i gave in my self and was so comfortable in the arms of this beautiful flying machine. We together conquered many new worlds. Discovered the beauty of the hidden and the beauty of life.

 Suddenly a gust of wind gushed in and it was like a thud. My new kite mate’s strings loosened out but still we flew and conquered the whole sky which was our place. But now I see that the distance of those strings have gone soo far and my new kite mate is flying high and high above leaving me far behind back were we met. It hurts to think that the kites we meet up soon fly past us and we still keep flying without a destination. Love is the strings which keep us flying high but some strings entangle us so close just to loosen out in a short while. Kites which flew together as close as possible gets pulled out and we can just look up above and say that it all evens out in love and war.