Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tribute to a Teacher - My Blog Begins...

Teachers are a gift of a lifetime. They make us what we are today… I would like to begin blogging by a tribute to my teacher. I owe a lot to her for what I am today.

Back to my class 11 year 1996. An average student I must say, coming to a CBSE School from the state syllabus, with all the qualities of being a nut. The CBSE School was a cultural shock. Everyone was fast and   the only thing I was fast was with my chattering.  Being a Commerce guy I needed to be taking accounts sessions which was a hard spot. Even today let me confess, I go berserk with all numbers other than mobile numbers. So here comes in a very strict teacher into the class who was to instruct us accounts. Not joking friends she was a terror. We used to pray for her to be on leave. The minute she enters the class breaths go up and as she exits we all come back to normal. In the course of time my slowness got noticed and I had a privilege to sit on the teacher’s desk during her hours. It was stressful and the punishments were also bad. I used to think that Ma’am had some ill feeling towards me. Ok I thought.

It so happens that I sing, not very well but yes a bit. I got selected in the western music team for the year. School became enjoyable. Music was taking a lot of time. Michael Jackson’s Heal the world was in full swing practice for a month.  We decided the clothes to wear, the material selected and at one point a teacher comes in and changes the entire team structure and three of us saw us out of the team. At age 15 I don’t think I would have gone disheartened so much. My family was very very supportive. It was all through and I was cool.

The competition day came in. my dad and mom stood by me. I went to school on a cold Saturday morning in mid December. I could not function but I remember the words my dad said, "Son, this is just a small battle. Win it and you will grow." School was all usual tough Naveen was so unusual. As the schedule the accounts class came and we had a two hour schedule. Ma’m walked in and I walked to my special seat. She gave us some accounting problems and all of us were at work. I am not exaggerating I just wrote the date and sat on my seat. Ma’am came once saw my book no response. The second time also she came not a word, again a third, nothing happened. At this point one of my classmates who went for the programme came back and said they got the first prize. My eyes watered but I did not burst out. The so called strict, cruel teacher walked up to my desk and held me on my shoulder and patted me. I felt the love, the genuineness and care of a teacher flow in through the same hands she used to hit me. I changed. I changed from the slow, poor student category to one of the good students in class. From then I had had no looking back.

The word teacher if mis-spelt becomes a cheater. Even after 15 years of leaving school I still meet my mother at school my dear Teacher Ms Rajini Anoop. She is a true asset I earned over my years of being a student.


Rakesh Vanamali said...
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AJEETH said...


Anonymous said...

Naveen, good work. Feel proud to be a friend of yours. When you are going to write about former colleagues?

Anonymous said...

Naveen ,good work. Feel proud to be a friend of yours. When you are writing about us?

Anonymous said...

Naveen good work...expecting more from our GIM days...All the best. Abhiraj

Anonymous said...

Naveen good work..All th ebest and expecting more abt our GIm days

Reshma Raghupathy said...

Good one to start with..
Though not a CVG student have heard loads abt Rajini Ma'am.. U spoke abt 1996.. I remember my sis sharing the same feeling abt her in 2006.
Gem of a teacher she is.

Eagerly waiting for 2004-2006 season :) Keep Blogging

Sanal said...

Sir an awsm start to fullfill ur dreams ,,,,,do share ur thoughts abt us also,,,,i knw u will ,,,, as reshma chechi said eagerlyyy waitinnn for 2005-2007 alsooooooo

Sanal said...

Sir an awsmmm start :::: keep blogging :::: nd pls pls do write abt us also :::: as Reshma chechi said eagerlyyy waiting for 2005-2007

Preatha said...

Naveen, Very well written....U brought ur experience live infront of my eyes.....lovely....never knew that u were a great writer, keep sharing.....really enjoyed.....and the fact that u still remember ur teacher after so many years is very touching, she must be very proud of u

Nithya said...

Wow......keep up the good work.... RAJINI MISS ROCKS...... Miss her classes......

seema said...

awsome.. it really takes us back to our schooldays.. good work n waiting for more..

Jay said...

Really good one sir... All my teachers came in to my mind while reading this .. !!!


Vinod P Vengatteri said...

"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it"

-- Omar Khayyam

Wish you all the best, dear Naveen. May God speed your moving finger from strength to strength to be wondered at, admired and cherished by posterity. cheers, V'ndtn

Vinod P Vengatteri said...

"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it"

-- Omar Khayyam

Wish you all the best, dear Naveen. May God speed your moving finger from strength to strength to be wondered at, admired and cherished by posterity. cheers, V'ndtn

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your post on the FB and came here.Yes,felt nice to hear read about your tribute to your teacher.I felt you should have told us bit more about your favorite teacher.

"The word teacher if mis-spelt becomes a cheater" Nice to hear this :)

As said earlier this was the line that brought me here

'My dear friends, I have made a new blog for myself. This is my serious attempt to realize my passion. Please visit my space @ and leave me your comments. I will be greatly encouraged and motivated by your support.'

So as a passing word all i have to say is keep writing and do give me some web development works as i am by profession a web developer.All my works are charged in US Dollar :)

vimmuuu said...

Woah ! What a tribute ! and what a post to begin with !! Welcome to the big bad world of blogging !! You gonna get addicted !!!

Oh well, you can stop wondering ! I am here, 'cuz of Rakesh ! :)

Destination Infinity said...

We did take competitions too seriously back then, didn't we? I too remember being very upset for not winning certain competitions... Except a few teachers, I didn't have a great opinion about others. Anyway, keep writing on this new blog of yours... All the best for your Blogging journey.

Destination Infinity

Naveen Manomohanan said...

Hey i first need to thank you for taking all the time to help me go ahead and enter this beautiful space of blogging. thanks a tonne for helping me trot into this great world.

Naveen Manomohanan said...

Thank you sooo much Ajeeth. It is a great source of inspiration to hear these nice words from you.

Its all the experiences i had with you all that made my life rich. Thank you and please do encourage me in my endevours to write.
18 November 2011 00:16

Thank you so much and i will surely pick up some of the best times of my life and put it in words. Thank you once again
18 November 2011 00:18

Abiraj Thank you so much i am sure i will be able to pen down alot of the good days we had and when i mean good days it will surely include you.

Yes Reshma she is a Gem. Thank you very much and do encourage me in this endevour

Sanal you all have been a big part of my life as a teacher. I will surely do that. I have so much to write of those good days. i will and thank you soo much for this encouragement. Welcome to my blog.

Preatha its nice to see you here. thank you for all the prayers and motivation. Please do continue supporting me as always, in this new world of mine. Thanks a tonne.
18 November 2011 02:59

Yes she is great i do still meet her. Thank you soo much for the support and welcome to my blog and please do motivate me always.
18 November 2011 09:00

Thank you Seema and i surely will try to write more. Thank you.

Jay Please do write to your teachers and tell them you love them. thats the best gift you can give a teacher. Thank you soo much for the support and motivation.

Thank you Vinod. I will try my best and do my best. i will need all your support through out.

Thank you my friend. I will surely do that. Thanks a tonne for the support

Oh well, you can stop wondering ! I am here, 'cuz of Rakesh ! :)

Dear Vimmuuu I am also here cos of Rakesh! The motivation has been great and yes i am enjoyin it. never go this type of a response in my life before. Thank you soo much and welcome to my blog.

Destination Infinity

Yes we did and small things ate our minds. Today when you think back those small things are the ones which made you what you are. Thanks a tonne friend and please do keep supporting me in this new world of mine.

Varsha said...

A wonderful gesture by you I must say. Not many of us think that our school teachers are the reasons for whatever we have accomplished in life. The first outside our homes to love us, nurture us and help us grow.
Whether its through stroke or stick, a teacher only has the best of intentions at heart and this is definitely one of the most noble professions. I wish present day students would realise the value of their school teachers, especially teachers like Rajini Ma'am who have dedicated their lives for laying the foundation for others. All the best for your blog. Keep writing.

Naveen Manomohanan said...

Welcome to my blog Varsha and thank you so much for the nice words. Yes she has been a motivation i still remember the Golden Rules of Accounting. Thank you soo much fo your support.

Mogamboo said...

Good one sir... i wanted to read this. got time now only... Welcome to blogging....

Anonymous said...

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