Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Happy Days!

I was watching a Malayalam movie yesterday and the story ran around college and the fun, love, teachers, friends and the great feeling of being in a vibrant campus. I felt as if I was reliving it all. I was so touched by the feel of love and care and was all that was there in those days.

I was taken down memory lane, where I found myself running around the campus in school, getting wet in the rains to get a holiday, bunking classes and sitting near the phone so that the teachers don’t call and inform Dad, he being the retd. principal of the same college. It used to be fun. When it came to the PG days the quantum of fun went a little high up in standards. It was fun and only fun.

The friendships, the fights, the making ups, the love failures, the love letters, I presume all of us remember the first love letter we wrote and how embarrassed we were and what not. I don’t think today’s kids would have the same kind of fun of writing a love letter because the information age of today has done away with the good old pen and paper. I remember the first one I tried my hand at. I wrote it so well that I myself had a doubt if I was the author, given that my grammar and handwriting were so nearly perfect. The canteen, the round sitting areas, the lawns and all were our loved spots. The summer camps and the work we did -there were just so nice.

When I was watching that movie I was thinking all the generations go through it the same way we did. There were some fights in the movie which I could associate very well with. I was wondering was it required to fight then. Why did we fight for stupid reasons? There were no good reasons for any fights whatsoever. But we still fought. Perhaps we came back to bond better and deeper after those altercations.

All I was thinking was if we did not have all those misunderstandings and fights would we have been closer? No, never, perhaps. I feel we still cherish all those good days as good days because we had a mixture of all these incidents – both good and the not so good ones. Likewise, life is also so beautiful. And my dear friends, I just realized, if I was only happy always I wouldn’t have ever felt this way. I would never have been able to appreciate the value of happiness and good. A good life is like a curry which has a lot of ‘masalas’ mixed and it also has a bit of sugar which acts as the base of the curry and yet we enjoy it with all the hot and sour and sweet mixed in it.

Life gives happiness to all. But what happens is that when we go forward we end up feeling sad and miserable for small things. It is high time we realize that we have been created to enjoy life and to enjoy life we have to go through both good and the not so good parts in life. Only then does the better part of us emerge. I am sure; most of us realize that we should take good and bad in its stride. It will help us be happier and certainly better. 


Rakesh Vanamali said...
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Naveen Manomohanan said...

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